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Privacy Notice


Your privacy is important to us.

We capture some information from all users such as their country, internet provider, browser type and screen size and other demographic information. This information doe not identify you specifically.

We use cookies, for example to store session information and temporary cart items you may be holding.

If you create an account, we store personal information so that we may complete your order and ship it. When you pay by credit card or Paypal, etc, we open a secure link to their server and they collect that information directly. They in turn notify us that you have paid and we prepare your shipment. At no time do we store your credit card information on this website.

We offer a newsletter with information. You may subscribe if you wish. We use Mailchimp (a well-respected newsletter service) to handle subscriptions and unsubscribe commands. Whether you subscribe to the newsletter or not, our shipping and account information is a seperate process.