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  • Monument Valley
  • Coyote Rock

A rough but endearing Jack-of-all-trades who cannot seem to reconcile himself with the 21st Century.

Feeling shackled by responsibilities, and disillusioned by his business partner’s greed, Teller impulsively walks away from his work, his love, and his life; and with that first step is thrust into a wild and twisting romp through nature and time.

Leaving the Rocky Mountain town of Telluride, Teller’s winding road takes him to New Orleans, to the Florida Keys, and ultimately back to Moab Utah; where deep in Whitewater Canyons, his past and future intersect.

There, along the banks of the Colorado River, Teller is reunited with the woman he abandoned, introduced to an eccentric Archeologist, and realigned with an old friend and colleague. But his joy is offset as he is pushed into a battle of wits with his devious partner, while eluding the efforts of a murderous rival.

Following the discovery of a horde of gold and precious stones hidden by an escaped slave of the Spanish Crown, This humorous adventure mystery becomes a multi-layered web spun around Teller and his companions, an ancient Shaman, and a Navajo Demigod who stirs the entire mix into a supernatural stew.

And as Teller’s adventure grows more complex, he finds that nothing is as it seems, and that friends are sometimes found in the most unlikely of places.